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"Nikkel" Nicole Spatny,
born in June 1974 in Berlin
Nicole Grenz,
born in Berlin in October 1974
1993 German Examen "Abitur" in Art and Biology

until 2004 diffent courses in nude and oilpainting

2003 first meeting with the french painter Claire Astaix

June 2004 private course by the painter Claire Astaix in Paris

End of 2004 creation of the "Malkantine" with the painter Nicole Jurgasch

"I like very much the effect of nice and harmonious colours with thoughtful and melancholy posing figures!"

After graduation from secondary school (Abitur), I was a trainee in hotelmanagement for three years.

I quit my job because of serious health problems in spring 2002. Subsequently I discovered my enthusiasm for abstract painting while attending various workshops which focused on creativity by using acrylic colours and other materials.

What interests me most in abstract painting is the enormous range of materials. To have new ideas and realize them is very exciting and adventurous. In the beginning of 2006, I began to paint with gloss paint because its shiny smooth surface fascinates me.

"I love to experiment in an autodidactic way with spatulas, filler and brushes and particularly with expressive colours that reveal both harmony and contrast".

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